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Positive data on the UK economy don’t totally douse fear of a triple-dip recession – Quartz – where are the exports?

Chiplets Are a New Level of Micro Manufacturing – – some of the most interesting technology I have read about in a while

NightWatch – KGS – interesting aggregator of news reports around Korea and other hot spots

Top House Intel Lawmaker Warned China’s Cyber Chief On Thefts; House Cyber Bill Marked Up Tomorrow

Japanese luxury market evolves | – its about exclusivity and individuality

Europe Receives Complaint About Google’s Android –

Travels in the New Psychedelic Bazaar — New York Magazine – interesting spin on globalisation. I can’t believe these are that new with people like the Shulgins in the US, just democratized

How mobile has changed daily news consumption and why you need to understand it | TheMediaBriefing

Flipboard is a giant iceberg lurking in the path of the media — paidContent – isn’t this what portals did with newspapers?

What’s in a Brand? | INSEAD Knowledge – nice 101 on what makes a brand

How a banner ad for H&R Block appeared on—without Apple’s OK | Ars Technica – ISP doing in a ‘man in the middle’ advertising network. Devious and dodgy

Report: APAC is excelling in digital advertising | Econsultancy – better clickthrough rates than North America