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Could This Be the Summer of Disco? | VICE United Kingdom – not terribly surprising disco edits, 80s electronica and Balearic have been moving the London DJ vinyl purchases for the past five years, its only a matter of time and the UK needs hedonism

UK’s top regulator Bailey asks why no bank bosses convicted? – were they a product of their regulatory environment?

AFP: Taiwan probes Samsung ‘dirty tricks’ vs HTC’ – astro-turfing and sock puppetry allegations

Xiaomi’s Bin Lin Says Company Is Betting on Services, Not Smartphones – John Paczkowski – Dive Into Mobile – AllThingsD – I wonder what would happen if Google did this?

88 Acres | Microsoft – the great satan of software eats its own dog food; does interesting things with data and the web-of-no-web for operational efficiency. Gives IBM indigestion…

Turn Report Shows A 15 Percent Increase In Display Ad Costs And A 45 Percent Drop In Mobile – TechCrunch