Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that have made my day this week:

Mostly I have been listening to Dr Rob’s selection of soul tracks that are Balearic in nature

Veteran rocker and showman Dave Lee Roth has been putting together an interesting eclectic mix of video podcasts which you can subscribe to on iTunes or YouTube

Brightmove Media extends the idea of location-based context in advertising into ambient media with real-time taxi signage. Pay-day loans in Elephant and Castle to Chinese language Burberry adverts on the west-end of Oxford Street?

Data sources like Experian’s footfall information could be used to set up geo-bounded media plans, location could also be linked to contextual information like weather or nearby sellers, say umbrellas when rain is due or gourmet ice cream as the sun comes out. I don’t know whether Brightmedia’s media exhange facilities is sufficient real-tme to achieve this, or whether the media planning agencies are sufficiently sophisticated and ready to take full advantage of the potential opportunities?

(Disclosure I know Brightmove Media director Piers Mummery, we used to share a client in the telecoms space some 13 years ago).

If the UK is looking into a summer of disco, then the equivalent of The Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive is likely to be the new Daft Punk album due out in May.

From the Hijame Sorayama-esque over-chromed look and feel to 1970s era producer collaborators Daft Punk are going back to the pinnacle of analogue production. I am just afraid I will be so over-exposed to it all by September that I will hate it.

Finally, the folks at Hope & Glory PR introduced me to Phoster via their Twitter shenanigans with posters like this to help bring out your inner Neville Brody