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Deconstructing download statistics of a Mobile App | SAP for Mobile – good guide to Google Play and Apple App store analytics

Niice. A search engine with taste. – nice complement to Flickr creative commons search as a source of visual inspiration

Taiwan Tries to Shore Up Its Defenses Against Samsung –

Websites That Inspired a Generation – The Deepend work in particular is stunning

Euro states stick fingers in ears to Huawei, ZTE tech ‘dump’ claims • The Register – interesting dynamic, will European telecoms manufacturers really benefit from Chinese sales?

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn • The Register – that is one hell of a quality FAIL. Interesting that it got through Apple’s own engineers scheduled on ‘Mordor duty’ in Shenzhen

Producer-engineer Young Guru on what good sound sounds like | The Audiophiliac – CNET News – interesting insights on generation, culture and sound appreciation

Microsoft Brings Out the Trolls to Fight Android Dominance

Six keys to tweeting and sharing during a crisis

News Fail – Tim Bray on why real-time news updates don’t work particularly well

A Hyped Startup Called Fab Is Pivoting To Become The ‘World’s Alternative To Amazon And Wal-Mart’ (Megan Rose Dickey/Business Insider) – retailer | designer collabs long a staple of apparel is now coming to furniture. Shifts the position of the Fab brand from being a curator of cool things to co-creating cool things

AFP Yahoo China to end email service: media – this makes a lot of sense when you look how Alibaba has been reinventing Yahoo! China as more of an entertainment portal, so email didn’t fit so well into the product mix

Apple’s Stock Not As Doomed As You Think (Jay Yarow/Business Insider) – it’s more about the irrationality of financial markets. Microsoft has been dinged like this for years and Apple Shares Are Dirt Cheap; So What? (Steven Russolillo/MoneyBeat) – interesting if not entirely cogent counterpoint to Jay Yarrow’s post on Apple

The $12 Gongkai Phone (Andrew Huang/bunnie’s blog) – I love this phone as a study in minimalist design. It would make a great ‘festival’ handset

Samsung Parries Apple’s 7th Amendment Arguments ~pj

Ron Conway, Tech Investor, Turns Focus to Hometown (Norimitsu Onishi/New York Times)

Fox Censors Cory Doctorow’s “Homeland” Novel From Google

The Bearer of BadNews (Marc Rogers/The Official Lookout Blog) – Android apps infected with malware via Google app store

IBM Takes a Beating (Spencer E. Ante/Wall Street Journal) – not as surprising as one thinks since following some of Bob Cringely’s articles on IBM Global Service business practices

Is this the end of men? –