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Data Communications Bill: the Home Office is trying to trap Britain in the past – Telegraph

Boffins explain LED inefficiencies • The Register

Despite Major Buyer-Seller Differences, Programmatic Buying Widespread – Sales and Marketing @

Average Facebook Fan is Worth $174 | Syncapse – but how many companies are getting this value out?

All you need to know about Apple in 3 easy steps. – broadstuff

AMD reveals G-Series X embedded chips, drops a little ARM-powered bombshell

The Only Thing Apple Really Sells

Coach gets boost from “accessible luxury” image in China

京东网上商城-综合网购首选(JD.COM)-正品低价、品质保障、货到付款、配送及时、放心服务、轻松购物! – a Chinese operation in the US for Chinese ex-pats

ICO asks Home Office for information needed to form view about legitimacy of Communications Data Bill FOI request refusal

Did an Apple 2.0 story touch a nerve at Samsung HQ? – Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech – did Samsung indulge in astro-turfing?

Here’s What Happened the Last Time a Conservative Tycoon Took Over a Top American Newspaper | Motherboard – decline in long form journalism. Is that a political slant or a profit slant, I suspect the latter

China Took the Clean Energy Lead in 2012, and Will Likely Stay There | Motherboard

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Citizen ‘journalism’ ran amok in Boston crisis – interesting how the Boston marathon seems to have been an inflection point against citizen journalism

It’s Getting Harder to Make Money on YouTube – Businessweek

iTunes Store adds ‘buy now, download later’ option for video and music | Macworld – interesting for two reasons. Firstly, flash memory devices don’t have as large a capacity as magnetic drive based computers, secondly it also highlights the lack of network ubiquity that makes streaming viable

FOSS Patents: Google keeps losing: ITC finally tosses Motorola’s complaint against Apple

The rise and fall of AMD: How an underdog stuck it to Intel | Ars Technica

MEC, Seven Network & Neuro-Insight reveal findings of world-first neuro study – WPP