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The biggest mistake 60-year-old men make about the economy – history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes

Obama Talks About How To Build A Rising, Thriving Middle Class – Transcript

Here’s why McDonald’s needs to slim down its menu

A Benz With a Virtual Chauffeur – – interesting that Daimler-Benz engineers are skeptical of 100% driverless cars in next five years

Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years – census analysis — RT News – indicator of massive demographic change

SK to revamp Cyworld – but is it too late as Koreans have moved on to the likes of KakaoTalk, Twitter and Facebook?

Open 24: Politics of Things: What Art & Design do in Democracy | SKOR

Working with Chinese contractors | Guardian Professional – interesting balanced analysis of China in Africa. Classic construction industry mess-ups in terms of costing but no great conspiracy

Report: Smartphone sales up 61% in Southeast Asia, Android dominates with 70% share – The Next Web

Top 20 sites in Russia by visitors and time spent – Digital Intelligence – VKontakte still huge

Leading Security Experts Say FBI Wiretapping Proposal Would Undermine Cybersecurity | Center for Democracy & Technology

Asia-Pacific may soon have more outstanding corporate debt than the US, the euro zone and the UK combined – Quartz

The UK’s fastest growing tourist group endures the slowest visa process – Quartz

Argentina mulls opening its banks to money launderers – Quartz

Dirty medicine – Fortune Features – if I was a major pharmaceutical company I would be financing a Hollywood film and a book about Ranbaxy to put the generic competition back in the stone age

Silicon Valley’s assault on Mobile’s Gated Kingdom • The Register – interesting primer on OTT services, which is like web 2.0 for telecoms

Japan: Where medical miracles are waiting to get out of the lab – Fortune Tech

Exclusive: EU threatens trade duties against China’s Huawei, ZTE | Reuters

Senior Execs Not Convinced About Social’s Worth – expect to see similar headlines around big data in a few years when the cost | benefit analysis is done

Chinese physicists create first single-photon quantum memory, leading to quantum internet | ExtremeTech

Five Google I/O Announcements That Matter Outside Silicon Valley – Bloomberg

A Beginner’s Guide to Tom Moulton, inventor of the remix and the 12″ single – FACT MagazineA Tom Moulton mix appearing on a disco 12″ credits was generally a sign of quality

Challenging domination of oil’s powerful few – – post LIBOR scandal investigation. Market dynamics around Brent crude could be similarly exploited (paywall)

HSBC Signals 14,000 Jobs Cuts in $3 Billion Savings Plan – Bloomberg“You’re getting cost cuts as a means of sustaining performance and that’s not a great sign,” said Simon Maughan, an analyst at Olivetree Securities Ltd. in London. “What HSBC is showing you is that there is very little growth in the banking industry for years to come.”

Teens aren’t abandoning “social.” They’re just using the word correctly. — Food for Thought — Medium

Nearly 75% Of All Smartphones Sold In Q1 Were Android, With Samsung At 30%; Mobile Sales Overall Nearly Flat: Gartner | TechCrunch

BlackBerry bringing BBM to Android and iOS this summer | The Verge – too late? Andrew Orlowski doesn’t think so: BlackBerry Messenger unleashed: Look out Twitter and Facebook • The Register

A new forecast points to a plunge in oil and gasoline prices

Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation Jisc CETIS MASHe

New Android Boss Finally Reveals Plans for World’s Most Popular Mobile OS | Wired Business |

iTunes users spending at the rate of $40/yr. | asymco