Brands can look slickr on the new flickr

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Whilst the story may have been lost in the Yahoo! acquisition of Tumblr, the company had also given flickr a visual upgrade. Photo sharing site flickr has been a stalwart of online PR life for the past eight years and hadn’t changed that much, which is a measure of how much Yahoo! neglected it and how forward thinking the original flickr team were in the way they had developed the site.

flickr now provides free accounts with greater storage capacity and an account page re-design that is more visually appealing. A second aspect of the change is that flickr allows more space for branding a given account. There is now a banner image at the top of the page that is 1,350 x 185 pixels, in addition to the original postage stamp sized account icon. My colleagues and I spent the last day exploring the new design and have been implementing a more branded experience for clients. We think that the new banner offers a better uninterrupted visual branding space than many other social platforms.

You can find out more about the new flickr design here.  More on using flickr for PR on a post I wrote for the Ruder Finn blog here.

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