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BBC News – Taiwan’s pop culture leaps Chinese hurdles

The New York Times Is Applying the Same Cool Interactive Technology of Its Editorial Content to Ads Courtesy of its Idea Lab | Adweek – creative page takeovers, what is interesting is how the media company is displacing the advertising agency in creativity

AnandTech | The Xbox One: Hardware Analysis & Comparison to PlayStation 4

Flickr – a social media unsung hero – Dot Comms – a post that I wrote some two years ago for Ruder Finn that still has legs

Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together – YouTube

Pew: 94% Of Teenagers Use Facebook, Have 425 Facebook Friends, But Twitter & Instagram Adoption Way Up

The UK government collides with the changing global consensus on austerity – Quartz

The EU mandate to negotiate the TTIP: should copyright be an outcast? | Kluwer Copyright Blog

pC LIVE Podcast: How to monetize digital content: Advertising or paywall? — paidContent

The Next Free Trade Agreement Aims to Regulate the Internet

China has too much US government debt, so it’s gearing up to buy real estate instead

Mobile data is the new luxury good in southern Europe – Quartz