Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that have made my day this week.

Veteran DJ Greg Wilson was all over Mixmag with a great interview, the key quote for me came from Wilson quoting an article he had written about his experience of the Hacienda’s acid house boom:

My abiding memory of the Haçienda in those ‘rave on’ days was the overwhelming response to the track “Rich In Paradise” by the FPI Project (an instrumental version of the classic “Going Back To My Roots”), which I witnessed during a visit from London (where I was living at the time). I stood chatting to Kermit (then of the Rap Assassins) in one of the alcoves when, while continuing the conversation, he raised his hand in the air as the track’s piano breakdown filled the room. In my heightened state I then noticed that all the people standing near us were giving the same type of salute. As I looked around it became apparent that everyone in the club was sharing this outpouring of togetherness, hands held high in the air! It was the most unifying moment I’ve ever experienced in a club and, although I witnessed similar sights subsequently, everything that followed seemed to be just chasing shadows, trying to re-capture something that was no longer there, at least not in its purest form.

Wilson also provided Mixmag with a re-edit of Marina Van Rooy’s Sly One, a track that still gives me the goose bumps listening to it:

Vice magazine did a critique of rave and hardcore YouTube comments that echo Greg Wilson’s sentiment.

The new flickr design gave me yet another reason to recommend my favourite social media platform to clients and colleagues.

The newsblur redesign made the world’s best RSS reader even faster, more responsive and even more of a delight to use.