Here’s to the crazy icons

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Is it just me or does Rolex’s Icons campaign feel very similar to Apple’s Think Different campaign?


The tone of voice is a bit different to appeal to a different customer base and there is the Eames Office House of Cards-style video effect, but I couldn’t help feel that I had seen the prototype of this ad before:

Apple’s campaign from 1997.

It feels to me like the Apple ad with a sprinkling of Glengarry Glen Ross in the voiceover and as a Rolex wearer it made me a bit disappointed. Which is a shame because of the individual profiles of Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley are nicely put together visual vignettes (the voiceovers could do with a bit more substance).

The Rolex campaign seems to be primarily online, I am seeing a lot of banner ads that go through to the video on the Rolex site on the pre-article interstitial pages on Forbes that go through to a campaign mini-site on