Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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The Spiniflex Group did this amazing digital projection mapping for the Vivid arts festival in Sydney

A bit sad to see The White House in Clapham closing, I didn’t venture south of the river much; but the people running The White House deserve credit for trying to do something about Clapham’s night life.

My friend Alex Banks shared this Dimitri from Paris mix with me:

Worthwhile listening for the Candi Staton acapella thrown over a breakbeat that comes in at 4:25 complete with a hint of cowbell underneath the jazz flute riffs.

You know summer is on the way when Mary Meaker drops her Internet trends presentation and talks about all the usual buzz topics.

Finally, a shout-out for Unfinished Man; a GQ-wannabe blog with the best comment policy:

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