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Apple, betrayed by its own law firm | Ars Technica – you couldn’t make this up if you tried

Dave Seaman « faithfanzine“You are really exposed like never before – there’s nowhere you can hide away. Think of some of the big pop stars in the 80s like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince – they never used to do interviews. They used to put albums out and hide behind this myth.”  – good reading for both media industry and PR types

Facebook Encourages Fans To Share Pages They Like – AllFacebook

A UK outside the EU – what would our creative industries look like? | Marketing Magazine

Netflix boss: BBC is holding back UK children’s shows | Media | is already an expectation for on-demand, for innovation. We are held to a high [standard] because the thing we do is not that novel. What is great about this market is we didn’t have to teach anyone what on-demand meant, or what subscription meant, it is a very well established market. You compete on value proposition and quality of the content.

Time to back away from the cookie jar? Introducing nutrition info in search – Inside Search

Europe has ‘lost its edge’ in mobile, GSMA report finds | Mobile News Online

Are Microsoft shareholders mad as hell? One analyst thinks they’re ready to force change — Tech News and Analysis

Mobile Internet Shopping Market Update for Q1 2013 — China Internet Watch

Chinese Lead World in Economic Optimism | Pacific Money

A new reason why making banks hold more capital may not make them that much safer – Quartz

Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron –

The NSA Reportedly Tested Its Top Spyware on New Zealand | Motherboard

Your next smartphone might be made of cement – Quartz