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China Lending Data May Be Overstated, Credit Suisse Says – Bloomberg

Downbeat Galaxy S4 View Hits Samsung Shares – Korea Real Time – WSJ

UK Energy Crunch Looms Larger – Euromonitor International

Canadian watchdog files criminal charges against Nestlé, Mars

Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe | – not all audiences are created equal

Apple Said to Start IPhone Trade-In Program in Stores – Bloomberg – like the saying goes: the entry level Porsche is a secondhand Porsche

Wikimedia readies its ‘WYSIWYG’ visual editor for English-language Wikipedia articles starting early July – The Next Web

Hiding Data with Temporal Cloaking Might Thwart Surveillance | Motherboard

Will users outside the US disconnect their Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Apple accounts now? – Quartz

Is China Facing A Minsky Moment – Business Insider

Luxury goods in China: Beyond bling | The EconomistChina remains the biggest prize in the luxury industry, but the low-hanging fruit is gone. Luxury firms must now venture beyond the coastal cities where they have made easy fortunes, cultivate new types of customers and market niches, and experiment with new business models

How economic change alters nature of work in UK over 170 years – – four out of five people now work in the services sector

The PR Professionals Definitive Guide to Measurement

‘Badger-friendly’ milk to be sold in just three UK supermarkets |

Why Reach Is The Best Facebook Metric To Focus On – AllFacebook

Interview with Wearable Computing Researcher Thad Starner About the Benefits of Google Glass | MIT Technology Review