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CIA spooks picked Amazon’s ‘superior’ cloud over IBM • The Register – IBM years behind

Mapping China’s middle class | McKinsey & Company – (reg wall)

China’s Great Uprooting – Moving 250 Million Into Cities – – huge upheaval

ISPs to include porn filters as standard in UK by 2014 (Wired UK) – Perry said parents were “complacent” about the risks of online pornography, pointing out that only four in ten parents use some kind of internet filtering at home.

Diane Abbott warns of ‘forces’ against ‘effective protection of children online’ (Wired UK) – difficult ethical call but Digital Britain under threat by people trying to do the right thing as they see it

A heads up for the June 2013 OED release | Oxford English Dictionary – tweet as in a micro blog post got in despite not having been a term used for 10 years

Millennials become the ‘smartphone generation’|

China Debt Sale Fails for First Time in 23 Months on Cash Crunch – Bloomberg

Has China exaggerated the “Leftover Women” problem? | ChinaHush – impact of traditional values versus modern roles for women places unrealistic expectations on them

Whistleblower welcome in China – Xinhua – interesting op-ed, but not state-sanctioned offer

Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance |

The Washington Post Launches “Sponsored Views” – The Washington Post – sells op-ed spots as advertising