Sailfish UI tour

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Jolla is an interesting company in terms of the way it has built its business on the ashes of Nokia’s innovation. The new Jolla smartphone launched a month ago is trying to harness the community as a kind of western version of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Tech and its MIUI Android skin.

The Sailfish operating system is a major step forward from Xiaomi’s offering however. Have a look at this walkthrough of Jolla’s approach to business and the user experience of the operating system.

One of the most pertinent things for me was when Marc Dixon talks about phone usage, being able to use ones thumb to control the device sitting the palm of the hand. It is wisdom that you would hear time and time again from the likes of Ericsson and Nokia but seems to be lost with many of today’s smartphone manufacturers (cough, cough Samsung).

I was interested in buying their phone to replace the Nokia series 40 handset I currently use as my second phone. The Other Half phone that they have launched takes the old Nokia idea of customised cases that clip on to a handset and extends it.

The cases can now not only be made from different colours of plastic could apply different hardware or software. They can customise the phone’s theme so its all colour-co-ordinated. And they act as a cover to a user-removable battery.