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Kristina Johnson and Michelle Flournoy’s Advice to Obama | New RepublicOf the 80,000 dams in the United States, fewer than 3,000 produce electricity. They’re used for flood control, navigation, and recreation. But we probably have enough untapped hydropower in the United States to power 10 to 25 million homes

Nokia to fully acquire Siemens’ stake in Nokia Siemens Networks » Nokia – Press – interesting move, more profitable than handset business so makes sense

NSA spies on Germany as much as it does China and Saudi Arabia: Der Spiegel | The Verge – the quickest way to make enemies is for people who think that you are friends find out that you aren’t really

Mr. Sato shows us how to make a frozen slushie with our favourite sodas | RocketNews24 – genius

The Quartz complete guide to being interviewed on TV – Quartz – if you have to do media training give this as homework to your trainees

For all the angst about Abenomics, South Korea actually looks ok – Quartz

MoveTube: Gangnam Style and the changing face of South Korean hip-hop | – there is more to hallyu than manufactured identikit pop acts

Chase & Status sync TV, live Glastonbury performance and social media #chaseandstatusglasto

How Meditation Works – The Atlantic

EU demands answers over claims the US bugged its offices – – of course the US would tap the EU; gain an information advantage for both US government and US business interests. Expect US surveillance of EU companies like BAE Systems, Ericsson, EADS and Airbus

The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers | Zero Hedge

Facebook’s outmoded Web crypto opens door to NSA spying | Politics and Law – CNET News – not terribly surprised at this. Facebook is an internet company whose behaviour to outsiders seems to come with streak of sociopathy running through its culture and strategy

Introducing the Facebook for Android Beta Testing Program