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The Gadget We Miss: The Palm V — Medium – great history

The Tyranny Of Connectivity

Rick Rubin on Crashing Kanye’s Album in 15 Days – Newsweek and The Daily Beast – it was like reading the Mythical Man Month; when the time is precious throw things out

Email Marketing Benchmarks | MailChimp

News Corp. Responds To Jaw-Dropping Secret Murdoch Tape – not terribly surprising

comScore and Starcom USA Release Updated “Natural Born Clickers” Study Showing 50 Percent Drop in Number of U.S. Internet Users Who Click on Display Ads – comScore, Inc

Dell eyes wearable computing move as PC business keeps slumping |

Strategy Analytics: Handset Data Traffic to grow over 300% by 2017

Under new scrutiny, foreign firms ‘have to be careful’ in China, experts say – FiercePharma

Microsoft uncovers malware that works together to avoid detection – The Inquirer

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 growth analysis: looks primed to rise | BGR2014 looks to be the year that Windows Phone will have its best opportunity yet to make a dent in the mobile market. And if the platform doesn’t start gaining serious traction over the next year, you have to wonder what it will take to make it happen

Nginx just became the most used web server among the top 1000 websites

Fashion Label Nicole Farhi Is in Bankruptcy – – UK brand hadn’t expanded internationally and suffered from dwindling domestic demand due to the economic health of UK

More and more German retirees employed even as European youth suffer unemployment crisis – Quartz

Growth of China’s Service Sector Slows – Businessweek

Japanese drink maker investigates the effectiveness of tying your wishes to bamboo | RocketNews24

What’s Ahead for Commodities | The Financialist

Why record sales of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone won’t calm investors – Quartz

The US trade deficit increased 12.1% in May to $45 billion – Quartz