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Scotland Yard seeks Rupert Murdoch secret tape | The Guardian

Millennials Still Want Their Newspapers |

Greenwald: Journalist, activist, media transparentist – interesting illumination about how the media is so poor at telling their own story

Guardian gets online traffic boost from Snowden story, now nipping at NYT’s heels — paidContent

Three years on: Has the Times digital subscription project worked?

Fastest Growing Japanese Exports – Euromonitor International

Apple USB SD Reader Patent Worries Rivals | BGR – advantage in designing size zero products

Apple’s security strategy: make it invisible | Macworld

European PRISM anger gains momentum with fresh cloud warnings and data threats — Tech News and Analysis – interesting addendum at the end about the challenge of health2.0 services due to data privacy trust issues

Technology Workers Are Young (Really Young) – – just like Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs – use them up and wear them out

What It Means That Humans Invented Farming Twice | Motherboard – challenges preconceptions and validity of intellectual property as a concept

Leading Japanese Carrier NTT DoCoMo Losing Customers as iPhone Deal Remains Elusive – Mac Rumors – Galapagos wireless syndrome in action?

CBI warns on EU exit: ‘We’ll never be a Switzerland’ – Telegraph – part of the larger great restructure where ‘Old Europe’ as neo-cons called it reflect and work out what their value is in the world today

German industrial orders down unexpectedly – RTÉ News – I guess it depends what you mean by unexpected. I thought it was reasonable to expect given the state of the Eurozone trading partners Germany exports to and the decline in growth in China