Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week:

Lisa Maffia is obviously not as down with the kids as she would like to think:

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label advert featuring a computer-generated Bruce Lee got a mixed reception on this side of the world. I can understand why: Bruce Lee is an icon; secondly the uncanny valley effect of the CGI character was uncomfortable to watch and finally having a brand sully his teachings was probably too much for some fans. The family describes this as a film tribute to Bruce Lee sponsored by a drinks company rather than an advert.

I have been passing the new Coca-Cola tumblers which are being given away with McDonald’s meals around the office, but didn’t realise that they were using an AR application to trigger a game that fosters greater engagement with the promotion.

It is a particularly interesting approach to target in-store consumers. AR seems to be used more in Asia than in the UK.

The soundtrack to my week was compiled a list of the best mixes of 2013 (so far) as compiled by Rolling Stone magazine. More here.

The highlight of my week was finally having the air-conditioning fixed in my flat.