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Why mobile web apps are slow | Sealed Abstract

China’s New Weapon Against Tax Cheats | The Diplomat – fapio would be ideal for many European countries

Nokia can’t rely on megapixels alone | TechEyeA large problem facing Nokia is branding. It’s “no longer seen as cool or premium in Europe,” Gleeson says, “and the brand essentially doesn’t exist in North America at all”. So much the same problems that affected the Nokia brand prior to Mr Elop coming on board

If tardy chip-baking fix fails, this Frenchman can help • The Register

AltaVista is dead. Here’s why it’s so hard to compete with Google. – interesting interview with the DuckDuckGo people

PC Shipments Fall for a Fifth Quarter Even as U.S. Decline Slows – Bloomberg

Marketing, Confidence tumbles on economic slowdown |

Colgate forced to scrap #brushswap promotion after Waterloo debacle – Brand Republic News

Facebook Has Banned Ad Price ‘Arbitrage’ – Business Insider

Japanese Fans Mourn Demise of ‘Potato Snack’ – – great demonstration of brand loyalty

Social Connectivity in America: University of Toronto – don’t worry the web doesn’t isolate us

Apple’s ‘Zombie Apps’ Cloud App Store’s Birthday – Survey shows nearly two thirds of the 888,856 apps available in Apple’s App Store receive little or no downloads:

BBC News – Apple conspired to fix e-book prices, judge rules

Nokia: dumping hardware, opening up software – Rethink Wireless