Brands: they just aren’t that into you

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There were a couple of articles from around the web that caught my eye. Sysomos talks about how consumers are considering social media vacations as the constant stream of information becomes too much and a temporary disengagement becomes required. They tie it to a slow media movement, this the part in the article that I am less sure about  as I don’t see consumers putting their hand in the pocket for this (at least not yet).

The second was a timely reminder from L2 Research that search is still a better driver of traffic to sites than social media channels with just 1.9 per cent of traffic to department store websites coming from social media. No surprise to those of us who have seen brands struggle to justify the return on investment on social media for sales generated and experiments in F-commerce be largely unsuccessful.

The ROI benefits to social media are much easier to justify when one looks at as a way of reducing support costs and reducing churn.

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