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What would best [insert name here] do? – Brand Republic News – Westwood wants us all to stop to think about our culture, about “the pursuit of our perfection”. According to her, we all have an inner “best self” – and this, not authority figures or celebrities, or conforming to the norm, should be the one to guide us

Builders of the Digital Ecosystem: The 2013 Booz & Company Global ICT 50 Study

Chinese films gain box office edge with reality-based films| – domestic film producers have managed to attract wider audiences, especially people in their 20s and 30s, by relaying stories that resonate with the daily lives of ordinary people.

Don Norman on Wearable Devices | MIT Technology Review

Looking for Jack | The Sun |Clubz – oh the irony! The Sun which in the space of a few weeks went from doing a reader offer on smiley t-shirts to demonising the music, jumps on the house bandwagon again 25 years later

PR Industry Inches Towards A/B Testing

How Apple’s profits stack up against Google and Microsoft | The Verge

James Murdoch is not afraid to get things wrong – Fortune Technever underestimate the customer’s satisfaction with the status quo

Dominic Mohan severs staff ties with Rupert Murdoch | – it’s weird I forever think of Dominic Mohan and the the Bizarre column

Penguin’s Book Country plans store where self-published authors can sell their ebooks — paidContent – interesting approach by Penguin who seem to have learned from the mistakes that record companies made

Alibaba Offers Smart TV Operating System to Lure More Users – Bloomberg – interesting mix in business advertising / commerce in smart TV

China Manufacturing Weakens Further in July as Slowdown Deepens – Bloomberg

Insights from Opera Mediaworks | The State of Mobile Advertising Q2 – 2013

Intel Tips Custom 14nm Server Chips | EE Times – customisation is interesting, wonder what that will mean in terms of support by Linux distributions and Windows for that matter?

China Has 261M Active Smartphones And Tablets, 65% On Android

China’s Demographic Dividend Could End By 2015 | The Diplomat

Mobile Users from Three and Four Tier Cities in China — China Internet Watch

Video Advertising Benchmarks | InnovidThe Entertainment vertical generated the greatest amount of user activity (5.5 percent) and time earned (35.73 seconds), while the CPG Food & Beverages vertical saw the greatest completion rate (77 percent) and average percentage of Ads Viewed (84.3 percent) – (reg wall to get the report) (PDF)