Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week:

James Zabiela on his set-up for DJ’ing. I used to have one the KAM Made2Fade GM25 Mk II mixers too. It was a solid if basic piece of kit. The interesting thing about this demonstration is the context and benefits of tactile controllers versus touch surfaces.

I had moderated at Digital Cream Hong Kong and only found this link from Samuel Ang in my junk folder the other day. Here is Alex’s write-up of the event.

A long time ago in an agency far, far away I used to work for a then hot technology client called Palm. At that time Michael Mace was the chief competitive officer of the business. The years rolled on and he is still one of the smartest people in the technology sector:

Veteran VC on machine learning; if big data is the coal, machine learning is the industrial age that the coal powers. We already experience it in using voice recognition systems, a credit card (protecting you from fraudulent transactions) and various parts of the Google search engine.

Great presentation on mobile in retail: