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Yen fall returns Nintendo to profit – Business | NBC News – sales of the Wii U seem to be tailing off considerably though

Here are the 7 companies Microsoft doesn’t want its ex-Windows chief to join — Tech News and Analysis

The Hole in Our Collective Memory: How Copyright Made Mid-Century Books Vanish – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic

What Does the Global Middle Class Home Look Like? – Euromonitor International

Digital Gaming Keeps Video Games Industry from Decline – Euromonitor International

From bad to worse: HTC predicts first loss in company history | The Verge

Google Now + The Invasion of Predictive Technology | SiliconANGLE

MediaPost Publications Consumers Unaware Of Spending More 07/31/2013

Irish watchdog won’t probe Apple, Facebook over PRISM… but COULD IT? • The Register

Why Android, The #1 Mobile Platform, Won’t Get Great Music Apps » Synthtopia

Simple Search for Feeds, Saved Stories, and Blurblogs – The NewsBlur Blog

Scraping Web Sites which Dynamically Load Data « Data Big Bang Blog

Telco Astroturfing Tries To Bring Down Reviews Of Susan Crawford’s Book | Techdirt

Nokia releases augmented reality job search | DVICE – interesting exercise in technology, probably not so useful in reality. Of course a real wag could call the application Nokia’s plan B if the whole Windows thing doesn’t work out…

Wealthy Chinese men could help save Coach from its North American competitors – Quartz

Oldest Boomers Are Increasingly Facing Discrimination in the Workplace |

There’s a culture clash occurring across urban China and it’s benefiting women – Quartz