Amazing video clip from New York in the early 1980s

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Amazing to watch as this was the cauldron from which modern dance music as we know it came out of. This was a New York starting off from a low in 1977 captured in The Bronx is Burning.

If you listen to the classic Ibizan sounds that mixed rock with electronic disco and post-punk or early play lists from Hacienda, you can hear the sound of Danceteria featured in the programme.

It is in the DNA of pretty much all of modern dance and urban culture at the moment. If you like the sound track for this show dig out the The Perfect Beats series that was issued in the late 1990s by Timber Records; an imprint of Tommy Boy. Volumes 1 – 4 kept me sane during the dot com boom and bust.

Arthur Baker got into the bar business in London and I got to meet and hang out with him in the Elbow Rooms in London a number of years ago. Really nice bloke.