Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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These are the things that made my day this week.

The soundtrack for the week was influenced by Dazed and Confused ’93 to Infinity theme that reflected over the past two decades in culture.

It is amazing how little things have moved on from 1993 in terms of music, design and culture. I suspect that our new digital world has moved culture on from serial developments to massively parallel culture where you can find your own culture.

Subaru had this gloriously analogue film-making advert done for their new Japan-only mini-SUV. It was shot without CGI over 60 continuous hours with no sleep. The smoke shots reminded me of the production tales in the making of Blade Runner documentary Dangerous Days.

It was good to catch up with old friends over the week and looking at a classic web build brief for the first time in ages. If it turns out smashing will share the finished product with you. Which is I guess why I was in a broken beat mood, I love this track by Synkro. It should be available on free download in a few days.

The This Charming Charlie Tumblr account mashed up Peanuts cartoons and lyrics from The Smiths to ill effect.
Ideon's The Converted
My favourite iPhone application this week is The Converted which brings slide rules into the digital age