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People Are Changing Their Internet Habits Now That They Know The NSA Is Watching | Co.Exist | World changing ideas and innovation

Jing Daily: Gold iPhone debate on WeiboTo speak the truth, when I first saw the gold iPhone, my immediate reaction was, ‘This is too tacky for me.’ But after a few minutes, I calmed down a lot–every time Apple makes something, it always smashes people’s existing notions and broadens the world’s possibilities. –  I guess everyone in Apple’s brand marketing can now die happy after that remark

Jolla wraps up its first production batch, but remains fuzzy on numbers — Tech News and Analysis

Yahoo #1 Web Property Again In US, First Time Since Early 2008 [Updated with comScore Statement]

Embedded Posts Now Available to Everyone- Facebook Developers

Yahoo, Foursquare In Talks Over Data Partnership – ok this could be an interesting contextual map: location versus mobile ads and behavioural targeting or even re-targeting

Millions stolen from US banks after ‘wire payment switch’ targeted – Networks – SC Magazine Australia

LG GD910 Mobile Phone – LG Electronics UK – I remember seeing Iain Tait with one of these before he went to W+K a number of years ago, that he got as a going away gift from a client. I guess that’s why the smart watch will have a bigger reaction from others than from me.

Don’t also forget the Sony companion devices for Android phones, the Bluetooth enabled G-Shocks and Microsoft Spot. Looking forward to the contextual device future

Ethnic minority consumers keenest on gadgets, reveals Ofcom study – mirrors similar patterns in the US

6 ways to use the new PR and social media measurement standards |

Samsung China smartphone revenues: lower than expected | BGR

Mark Cerny: The Man Behind the PlayStation 4 | MIT Technology Review – I’ve had decades to get used to the increasing complexity of video games. But these days children learn how to play games on iPads and smartphones, which are buttonless. So we have a gulf between the beginner players and the blockbuster game players

Groklaw – Forced Exposure ~pj – Groklaw has gone offline. It feels like the NSA is dismantling the whole of US geek culture. The bad news is these are the kinds of people who gave the US competitive advantage in cyberspace