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Facebook Pulls Physical Gifts From Gifting Program: Guess Why

BuzzFeed has a Medium problem | PandoDaily – media models challenged

Steve Ballmer and the Art of Managing a Monopoly : The New Yorker

In historic vote, New Zealand bans software patents | Ars Technica – interesting how this will fit in with the Trans Pacific Partnership

Android’s Hugo Barra Departs Google for China’s Xiaomi – AllThingsD

What’s Bad About TV? Just Ask Apple. | Light Reading

Chip daddy: Moore’s Law is about to be repealed, but don’t blame physics • The Register

Why Google brought its app store to Iran, and what it could mean for Syriathe Obama administration has followed a pattern of gradually relaxing export restrictions worldwide

Samsung Announces colorful Galaxy Tab 3 built for kids — GigaOM – I really like the design off this, looks road warrior proof

Feds Back Away From Forced Decryption … For Now | Threat Level | Wired.comcourts are not buying into the government’s theory that encryption is evidence of criminal behavior

10 things a cyclist notices about rural Ireland – The Irish Times – interesting comments on changing society