Pity the poor PRs at Microsoft

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone business, you had to feel for the PRs at the company. This was the third big announcement in less than a fortnight that started with Steve Ballmer announcing his timetable for retiring and the start of a search for the new CEO, then the company announced a deal with activist shareholder ValueAct and finally came the announcement on Monday that the company was acquiring a substantial part of Nokia.

Even with a great workflow process and streamlined legal approvals, there is an awful lot of content to be created with the visible press materials being the tip of the iceberg. Internal communications, stakeholder materials, coordination with different parties – particularly in the case of the Nokia deal, messaging documents, briefing packs, rescheduling of pre-existing plans to work around the announcements and a dialling of the media enquires up to 11 to paraphrase Spinal Tap.

To give you an idea of the content volume just look at how information this presentation is which explains the corporate rational for the Nokia purchase. Now think about the presenter script and Q&A documents likely to have been created to support it.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week