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2013 White Paper on Travellers – The Rise of Social Travel | Group M & CIC Data – on Chinese travellers

Google security exec: ‘Passwords are dead’ | Security & Privacy – CNET News – 2-part verification etc

Riptide: what really happened in the news business – great paper on the collision of digital technology with journalism and news gathering since 1980 (PDF)

Wintel destined to eventually fail, says Acer foundermany downstream players moving to Google eco-system… For an ecosystem to have a chance of growing and staying strong, it must have leadership adopting strategies that allow all partners to earn profits. – Surprised Stan Shih was that blunt about their relationship with Microsoft

Mutual Mobile | trend report on automotive – (PDF)

LinkedIn CEO: We’re aiming for 3B profiles and a map of the world’s economy | VentureBeat – reminds me of doing Yahoo! knowledge search press briefings with Jeff Weiner; similarly grand vision

Matt Cutts Answers Whether Or Not Nofollow Links Can Hurt Your Site – nofollow links don’t hurt your search ranking

Thuraya SatSleeve | Thuraya – reminded me of the OmniSky wireless sleds that used to clip on the back of Palm devices