Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week.

I missed this earlier on in the summer with the weight of Get Lucky-related content that appears, I thought that the 1990 on was particularly well done with the Steve Silk Hurley-esque horns in the background. Kudos to my former colleagues at RFI Studios for flagging this one up.

The coffee shop near my office has this great hand-drawn infographic that guides consumers through the veritable jungle of coffee choices that they may want to order. Confused by a flat white or a latte; not any more you aren’t. Really simple information architecture that other coffee shops could learn from.

I found out about this comic through Mark Millar’s Crossed web comic series. Disenchanted looks at what happens when no one believes in you any more and when you don’t matter through the lives of fairie folk. Call it a deconstruction of religion or a reflection on the post-colonial futures of former societies if you will; one thing I can tell you is that it will definitely be an interesting read. It starts October, but it in your RSS feeds now.

Sublime Wizardry have backed Public Enemy on tours, which is as good a measure of quality as any:

Really interesting talk on the future of books by Hannu Rajaniemi, in terms of its form rather the media that it’s published in (paper/pixels).