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The Demographics of “Cell-Mostly” Internet Users

The typical American family makes less than it did in 1989This isn’t a lost decade for economic gains for Americans. It is a lost generation.

Quitting Facebook: What’s Behind The New Trend To Leave Social Networks? Eurasia ReviewReasons for quitting Facebook were mainly privacy concerns (48.3 percent), followed by a general dissatisfaction with Facebook (13.5 percent), negative aspects of online friends (12.6 percent), and the feeling of getting addicted to Facebook (6.0 percent; other/unspecific, 19.6 percent).

BBC News – Mobile phone emergency alert system to be tested in UK – interesting implicit message of we know who and where you are

Yahoo hires Google’s Technical Lead for Android’s Open Source Project — Tech News and Analysis – the hire will bring outsized kudos to Yahoo! engineering teams as much as anything else

Integration of graphene photodetector into computer chip could revolutionize telecommunications | Science Recorder

Schneier on Security: Surreptitiously Tampering with Computer Chips – that’s Intel’s business screwed in China

The Decline of Great Industrial Cities – Euromonitor International – interesting data, will this be mirrored by suburbanisation in China and other emerging markets?

China Mobile Marketing & Mobile User Insights — China Internet Watch

Google and Samsung soar into list of top 10 Linux contributors | Ars Technica – Microsoft and Yahoo! seem to have dropped right off

Bump Mobile Contact Sharing App Acquired By Google, Will Stay Alive For Now | TechCrunch – interesting move, kill a competitor to NFC?

Infinite scroll: its impact on SEO and how to fix it | Econsultancy

Jolla’s Sailfish OS gains Android compatibility, making it an easier sell for manufacturers — Tech News and Analysis – expect homebrew ports as well

Apple Clearly Doesn’t Care At All About Winning Smartphone Market Share – Business Insider

Audi’s Diesel V10 SUV Supercar Somehow Gets 30 MPG | – its like the car of my childhood dreams has been built by Audi

The Feynman Lectures on Physics Website – great reading material