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US websites should inform EU citizens about NSA surveillance, says report – tear up the data safe harbor agreements, foster European cloud services…

Google buys more buildings in Silicon Valley – – enough space for 12-14,000 more people. That’s basically more staff than Yahoo! probably has worldwide

Poor-Man’s Speed: Coming of Age in Wigan’s Anarchic Northern Soul Scene | VICE United KingdomThe thing I love when I’m dancing is when I see other people. I just feel like we’re all connected. If I wanted to go clubbing… well, the music’s just rubbish and the people, they’re starting fights and that. At a Northern Soul night it’s like a family. – As Larry Heard said house is a feeling….

Measuring the Width of the Wealth Gap – Caixin – interesting economic data on consumer wealth

RunKeeper talks smart watches, iPhone 5s and privacy issues for fitness apps |“You see the negative [privacy] stuff in the press, and I hope no one goes down that path, but we are a user-focused company, and we’re building this to drive results for users,” he says. “When we ultimately focus on business models, it’ll be about those things that make the user experience better.” – and there is the risk

Creative Train Advertisements in Japan – really interesting ambient advertising work

What Apple won’t tell you: The iPhone 5s is outselling the 5c nearly four-to-one – Quartz – and the best selling 5c is apparently in pink

Cam sex is booming business for porn industry | The Verge – moving from media content model to service provision

Valve announces SteamOS, a free Linux-based OS for your Steam Box | ExtremeTech

The American dream has become a burden for most | The Guardian

Forrester: U.S. Leads In eCommerce ReadinessThe U.S. is a full 22 points ahead of the nearest contender, indexing at 73.4 in the Forrester composite readiness index. Several Asian countries come in at a distant second. China at 51.1, Japan at 50.1, South Korea at 46.1. The UK is fifth at 45.0.

Warner Bros. DMCA Fraud and Abuse Case Goes to Jury | TorrentFreak

How Hollywood Gets Biometrics Wrong | SRI International