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Aldi posts record profits as ‘the alternative to the Big Four’ – Telegraph

Ribbet – great basic image editing. I use this for my presentations now. It is what Apple’s Preview app should be

The amazing products of Weird Sony | The Verge – even if you wanted to buy them they were hard to get hold of

Digital Evangelist: Some thoughts about the recent developments in the handset space – some interesting thoughts from Ian Wood

Researchers use a laser to build a particle accelerator on a tiny glass chip | Science Recorder

Analysts: Apple Sales May Decrease Next Year and 3 Other Research Notes to Peruse | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Taiwan star Jay Chou to use mainland Chinese law to stop rumours | South China Morning PostJVR Music said yesterday it would take legal action against anyone circulating rumours about the singer on the mainland in accordance with an interpretation of laws to control online information issued this month by the mainland’s top court and prosecution body. (Paywall)