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Still playing catch-up, getting help with the input:

DisneyShorts – YouTube – brilliant

The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think – James Somers – The Atlantic

Amazon and the “profitless business model” fallacy — Remains of the Day

Unilever exec: Create mobile-specific native advertising to engage consumers – Mobile Marketer – Strategy

The Disgusting Truth About The Great British Bake Off | VICE United Kingdom – some illuminating insights on social TV at the end

Google futures and other market data fragments (or, Bang (goes) the Big Theory)

Apple: iPhone Momentum Continues, Says Societe Generale; Android Slipping? – Tech Trader Daily –

Yahoo tried to slow Microsoft search rollout: filing | Reuters – because it’s a bad deal and Microsoft’s Adcenter sucks

Sean Combs Plots Television Effort – – it could get a wider audience

Syncapse Bankruptcy Documents Lay Bare The Financials Of Marketing On Facebook – Business Insider – which does make you wonder where all the social marketing dollars are actually going

How has VC funding changed since 1995? (Charts) — Tech News and Analysis

Why Android First is a Myth | steve cheney – technology, business & strategy – poor development tools, testing and platform fragmentation

Facebook Earnings Graphs Shows Shift To Mobile May Be Depressing Domestic Ad Revenue Per User | TechCrunch

Data point: BRIC Millennials look abroad for education and workMillennials are the first truly global generation. Having grown up in a globalized world, connected and exposed to foreign cultures thanks to the Internet, their horizons are open, and they embrace an international mindset.