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How Ford is building an app program by developers, for developers (video) | VentureBeat – how long before we have Stuxnet for cars used to target people who may own a Ford like say some of the Mexican cartels?

PARC and SAP Co-innovation: Adding Graph Analytics to SAP HANA | PARC blog

Swatting at a Swarm of Public Relations Spam – – expect a detonation on media relations practices

Pharrell Williams – Happy – despite the insanity of having a 24-hour video, it works. In addition the time visualisation is lovely. Simple flat design that feels a bit like HUD (head up display). My favourite clip kicks in at 4:20PM

Deconstructing the narrative of American Exceptionalism in Mobile Technology

Cool Websites & Tools – PDF Search Engine, Brain Teasers, & Real-Time FilesharingPDF Fetch – is a search engine for finding PDF files. According to the site, it fetches PDF files, eBooks, digital publications, presentations and electronic documents. Simply type what kind of PDF file you are searching for – yes there is a Google shortcut but people may find this easier

Early History of HTML – 1990 to 1992

China’s Fathers Say Driving Children Is Their Most Important Job as a Parent – WSJ

Will mining the big data translate into less sales?

World Wide Web founder predicts Chinese leaders will take down ‘Great Firewall’ on their own – The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, predicts that Chinese leaders will eventually dismantle the ‘Great Firewall’ on their own because it’s inhibiting economic growth.

Botched RFID launch lost JC Penney a fortune | WSJ

Managing expectations is more important than actual performance for CEOs – Quartz – And PR has it’s role to play

Starbucks is now selling 46% more things an hour than it was five years ago – Starbucks product sales

Wolff Olins Blog – Make enemies, not just friends – or stand for something

Behind the Lancôme Digital Experience | L2’s The Daily

How Important is Measuring Social Media’s ROI? | L2’s The Daily

Social Proof: How and Why it is the most important factor in modern marketing — mobileYouth®

Unintended Consequences of Mobile Payment – Euromonitor International

Is Smart Wi-Fi Router the Next Big Thing in China? | Technode

WordPress Goes Legal: Sues Over Two Egregiously Bogus DMCA Notices That Were Designed To Censor | Techdirt – interesting as this could have implications for Hotfile / Time Warner

Intel Chairman Andy Bryant Says Chipmaker Had Seemed to Lose its Way – AllThingsD

Baidu Launched Brand Digital Equity List With Millward Brown — China Internet Watch

It’s a Good Policy to Have Social Media Rules in Writing – – social media policies tame the wild world of digital.