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Are we getting back to work? | The Irish Times – Sat, Dec 07, 2013 – the brain drain is likely to cripple future economic growth

Knight Lab’s Joe Germuska: “We have to find room for the big experimental ideas” | IJNet – interesting experiments going from publishing to search and visualisation

The Meaning of China’s Crackdown on the Foreign Press : The New Yorker – it’s about internal image and the failure of soft power to deliver results

Britain’s Autumn Statement: The butterfly effect? | The Economist – UK looks to screw over Chinese and other property investors

Modelling for Taobao, what a way to make a living| – unstable work and due to poor social opinion of models a personally challenging roles for the Taobao girls – 21st century catalogue models

Chinese smartphone firms fear ‘patent troll’ litigation| – insiders worry that in the wake of the acquisition, Nokia may cash in on its patent assets in an even more radical manner, alleging that the company may become a “patent troll” by recklessly suing mobile-phone firms worldwide, in a bid to maximize its royalty income

Standard Chartered warns 2014 is ‘make-or-break’ for China – a lot rides on economic reform

David Cameron comes under fire in China – FT.comThe Cameron administration should acknowledge that the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese. It is just an old European country apt for travel and study – ouch got to love the Global Times

3G mobile phone licence controversy looms for Hong Kong regulators | South China Morning PostChina Mobile, the world’s biggest telecoms operator with 750 million subscribers, is the only party interested in obtaining a new 3G licence in Hong Kong.The big four Hong Kong 3G mobile operators – HKT (PCCW), SmarTone, CSL (One2free) and 3 Hong Kong (Hutchison Telecom) – I was advised against China Mobile when getting my phone because it’s network was supposed to be poor, so not surprised it wants another licence (paywall)

Jessica Lessin talks about paywalls, The Information and the virtues of knowing who your audience is – professionals will pay for useful content (i.e. media as a work tool), which increases competition on analyst firms

Samsonite sets its sights on acquisitions in China – – interesting mid-market rather than luxury play (paywall)

Enormous world exploration sim ‘No Man’s Sky’ announced from ‘Joe Danger’ creator Hello Games | The Verge – the procedural generation aspect of the game is interesting

Inside Story Of Yahoo Acquisition Ptch – Business Insider – not terribly surprising, interesting that it wasn’t an acquhire

How To Display Real-Time Like Counts For Your Facebook Page On An IpadLocations such as retail outlets that want to display real-time like totals can use Fliike from French startup Smiirl if they opt for a stand-alone counter device, or LikeScreen from Pretty. slammed with takedown notices from journal publisher Elsevier

Twitter’s Dorsey Vies With SoftBank’s Son for Japan Shops: Tech – Bloomberg – my money is on SoftBank unless Square gets a heavy hitting JV partner in Japan