Flash data on UK e-tailing Christmas portends poor numbers?

Earlier in the month I saw numbers that indicated that the savings of UK consumers dipped to their lowest level in forty years. Now we have some interesting e-tailing data for the UK over the Christmas period. The comparisons with European data must also be considered against online market maturity as well. The UK e-tailing historically has been ahead of Europe for a couple of reasons (credit card adoption and English language).


I found this data that focuses on smaller UK e-tailing transactions during December of particular interest. The smaller volume but better basket value could be indicative of value orientated consumers and skilful marketers. What if, those savings weren’t spent on material goods but instead Christmas groceries? It indicates things are worse than the economic figures make out.

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  1. Another stat to take into account is that UK Consumers reclaimed £12Bn in miss-sold PPI which many seem to have spent rather than saved. The footfall figures for retail on the 27th December showed a significant decline on 26th December and so unlike previous years Britain did not go to the sales between Christmas and New Year rather they attended one off event to grab a bargin.

    Today on Radio 4 as part of the review of the year on one of the News Reports they had Lord Turner talking about the fact that the issue in 2010 was not Public Debt but rather Private Debt and the last three years has not seen any structural recover of such debts. This combined with the debt narrative over the weekend means that the UK Economy has not recovered rather people have become bored of feeling poor. I think that this could lead to social unrest in the UK as it did under Thatcher as those outside of the South East discover that they are not represent by politicians and the changes impact them only in a negative way.

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