We won’t get wearable computing right yet…

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A little while ago I commented on how awkward Samsung’s print and out of home adverts for the Galaxy Gear looked. Their new TV / online video advert has been described to me as awkward or just downright creepy.

I suspect the issue isn’t sociopathic advertising creatives, but that companies are struggling with compelling use cases. This means that it is hard to come up with a decent brand proposition, tell a brand truth and resonate with reasonably normal consumers.  Wearable computing has a few more development cycles due before it breaks out.

Wearables are now where personal MP3 players probably where back in 1998 with the Diamond Rio PMP 300 and the HanGo Personal JukeBox – devices that whilst pioneering an industry sector don’t herald their company’s commercial success within it in the longer term. Their format factor may be right but there is something missing in terms of how they fit into the consumers life and interact with their user.

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