Xiaosi Gong on Young China

Reading Time: < 1 minute

An interesting perspective on China highlighting progress and negative societal change over the past three decades. Young Chinese are categorised as being born after 1978. Xiaosi (born in 1986) used a computer for the first time at age 14 and had her first cup of coffee at age 15. Gong has gone on to found a number of businesses and currently heads up Wafa Games. Her personal insights of connections behaviours give an interesting analysis on princelings which dispells the idea of them as a new aristocracy as they move away from power to business.

Key takeouts

  • Political elites adopted western behaviours much earlier than their ordinary peers. But was aspirational for teenagers
  • Their parents who would make up the first generation of entrepreneurs redefined social class outside the very political elite. They learned that everything comes at a cost.
  • Third generation princelings chose to become business people, they have become less powerful by moving away from politics. Xiaosi talks about princelings that she is personally connected with

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