101 marketing case study: when not to do mobile advertising

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There is no point doing mobile advertising if you are not prepared to invest in a call to action that is suitable for mobile devices. Here’s an example, presumably by Ogilvy and OMD for Huawei Enterprise on how not to do it.

First up, here is the advert served up on a page of the Washington Post’s mobile site:
I don’t want to get into the debate about the inventory itself, though I would prefer to purchase a page takeover rather than this kind of banner simply because it helps reduce clickthrough.

Here is where you are directed through to if you click on the ad, this is a non-mobile optimised page on Huawei.com. It is shrunk to fit on the iPhone screen to the point that it’s pretty much useless.
I imagine that it would look even worse on a BlackBerry that is likely to be used by a proportion of the target audience for the advert.