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Sony Shows Smarteyeglass Prototype to Developers –

o-office turns an abandoned factory into iD town: the creative art district | designboom – an abandoned 550-foot long concrete factory is slowly renovated into a thriving art district complete with studios, restaurants, and hotels in Guangdong, China

Top three Hurun Report self-made female billionaires are Chinese | WantChinaTimes – Chinese businesspeople grabbed the top three places of the Hurun Report’s list of the Richest Self-Made Women in the World this year

Domestic clothing brands find love among wealthy Chinese women | WantChinaTimes – as more and more international designer brands enter China, many wealthy middle-aged Chinese women have expressed a preference for domestic clothing brands

Daylight saving is the worst thing that happens to television | Quartz – That’s because when the time change arrives, the TV industry must grapple with a corresponding drop in viewership

Scale of Chat Apps in Asia | Pixelbits – Mona Nomura on chat apps

Is Silicon Valley really more efficient than Detroit? | Excapite – deconstructing the economic value of Silicon Valley

China’s inflation rate eases | RTHK – Figures just released show China’s inflation rate eased in February to 2 percent year-on-ye

5 Link-building Linchpins for 2014 | Socialnomics – taking a more content makreting approach

The power of science lures viewers (and famous people) to NASA’s original videos – the ironic thing is, as interest in space and science in the US takes up, the government has kneecapped the space programme. Bang goes big innovation for the future

SMToolbox: Getting the Most Out of HootSuite – An Expert’s ViewIf you are in social media, you will be aware of Hootsuite. It is arguably the most widely used social media management tool globally, with over 8 million users – I am not a big fan of Hootsuite but used it at Burson-Marsteller, this is interesting reading

China’s Tencent may take 16 percent stake in media | Reuters – China’s internet market represents a battle of leviathans unlike anything ever seen outside the country. Imagine if Yahoo! bought Amazon back in the day and Excite had owned

elle lee 李文煊 // e l l e i c o n l e e . c o m // 时尚煊言 » Whenever, Whatever – W Taipei – interesting post about user interface design

Danah Boyd Has Message to Adults About Teens Behavior Online: It’s All Your Fault | Re/code – adults use apps and eco-systems for worse things than kids

Siri needs to get serious | T3 – I can so vouch for the opinion in this article

Pre-installed malware found on new Android phones – Computerworld

Popcorn Time: Open Source Torrent Streaming Netflix For Pirates – over the years BitTorrent has become fairly mainstream, with hundreds of millions of people using torrent clients to download the latest entertainment, but it can be awkward to use

Why customers write online reviews? | Socialnomics“One day you’ll discover that the opinions of worthless people are worthless.” This quote of Piers Anthony (“A Spell for Chameleon” feb, 2012) is the opposite of the digital reality. 70% of Americans say they look at reviews before taking the next step to conversion.

New Investment Platforms Raise Questions for China’s Banking System | Stratfor – (paywall) – historically Chinese consumers have seen their savings milked to help fund state owned business expansion and have had few financial vehicles with decent returns, hence bubbles around property, gold etc.

Artificial Intelligence could kill us all. Meet the man who takes that risk seriously | The Next Web

New attack on HTTPS crypto might reveal if you’re pregnant or have cancer | Ars Technica

LG’s G Flex: Is a curved smartphone screen innovation or desperation? (review)

Bits Blog: On Instagram, a Bazaar Where You Least Expect It | New York Times – Though not designed as an e-commerce site, Instagram can offer shoppers the thrill of discovery.

The Pentagon’s Guide to Overcoming Climate Change Denial | Motherboard

A plain English guide to how natural language processing will transform computing | GigaOm

Comcast, Netflix and the Implications on the Future of Media | RaceTalkBlog – (disclosure: colleague)

Mozilla makes authentication system Persona Community Project | gHacks Technology News

Tencent predicts the markets nearing collapse in China | – the markets Markets slipping the fastest towards collapse ‘collapse’ in China include the mainland and Hong Kong property markets, the mainland’s stock markets and market, China’s stock markets, the renminbi exchange rate – according to Tencent social data

Malaysia Airlines’ missing flight is the latest sign of a safety crisis in the region | Quartz – yes there is stiff competition and growing traffic numbers in East Asia, but Quartz’ assertion without evidence this crash was due to airline safety is wrong

Forget about being the message, it’s time to become the medium | Excapite

Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach | Social@Ogilvy – we all knew this was coming

New Rules to Reshape Telecom in Mexico | New York Timesthe country’s recently created telecommunications regulator issued tough new conditions that could break up virtual monopolies in phone service and television broadcasting – is the Mexican government taking on too much: the drug cartels AND Carlos Slim?

Microsoft is using your data to target political ads on Xbox Live | Washington Post – play Call of Duty? – You must be opposed to defence spending cuts?

Yahoo signs Mourinho to be Tumblr-posting global football ambassador | Battenhall – Yahoo! continuing on with some of its smarter sponsorships

Tumblr Now Lets You Dial A Toll-Free Number To Post Audio To Your Blog | TechCrunch – I really like this, makes Tumblr much more accessible

MasterCard, Visa form group to push for better card security | Reuters – team up to drag US payments system into late 20th century

Facebook launches Public Content Solutions to help media partners with trend data – Inside Facebook

Get ready for ‘Insta-ads’ — Instagram signs $100M deal with Omnicom | VentureBeat – it will be interesting to see how these are done

China in $23 bn February trade deficitFigures just released show China went into an unexpected trade deficit of almost 23 billion US dollars in February. This compared with a surplus of almost 15 billion in the same month last year, and a median forecast of a nearly 12 billion surplus in a poll of 13 economists by Dow Jones Newswires. – How? I know Chinese new year would have reduced productivity for the first two weeks of February but don’t understand the jump

‘Mass line’: the new buzzword in China’s IT sector |

Study: Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture – The Atlantic

IP, TCP, and HTTP – Syncing Data – issue #10

How QuarkXPress became a mere afterthought in publishing | Ars Technica – I remember the changeover happening with my design friends

Implications of the Rise of TV Everywhere and Video-on-Demand | GfK

Echoes of US subprime seen in China debt ratings | SCMP – competition among China’s credit-rating agencies is intensifying, leading to a slide in standards reminiscent of what happened in the US before the financial crisis, according to Dagong Global Credit Rating. (Paywall)

Pixelworks Discloses Relationship With Apple – Seeking Alpha

Yahoo: Destroyer Of Startups – ReadWrite

comScore: Apple starts 2014 with 41.6% US smartphone share, Samsung at 26.7%; BlackBerry falls below Windows Phone – The Next Web

BlackBerry fans’ last glimmer of hope in the U.S. market is gone

I, Cringely pCell is only as good as the Linux it runs on – I, Cringely