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How Facebook Could Move Beyond Social Media – PSFK – cash cows and searching for the new new things, part of which seems to be being a creative / build shop for brands – think IBM Interactive

LG Chem to buy clean water startup NanoH20 for $200M – potable water is the new oil?

The Massive Explosion In Apps In China | BusinessInsider – App usage in China has absolutely exploded in the last year according to data from Umeng, an app analytics firm that tracks Chinese smartphone usage.

Bill Gates: Bots Are Taking Away Jobs – Business Insider

Mozilla scraps Metro version of Firefox, citing low interest | CNet

DataPoint: Takes 25% Of Facebook App Market | AllFacebook – AppData announced Friday that its data are reporting‘s ascendance and where is Zynga now?

Economic Growth and Life Expectancy – Do Wealthier Countries Live Longer? | Euromonitor International

The World’s Megacities to Retain Strong Hold in 2014 – Euromonitor International – welcome to William Gibson’s sprawl

Shu Uemura asks bloggers to lead new content strategy | Marketing Interactive – this is the kind of work I wish I had been involved in, such a great programme idea

The Multi-Platform Majority is Here to Stay, and What This Means for Your Web Analytics – comScore, Inc

Nokia X release date, price drive quick addoption in China | BGR – which gives you an idea of how much of a fail the burning platform move to Windows was

How to Check if an Email Address is Valid and Exists or Not | Digital Inspiration – I can see Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and this technique being used by spammers to build better lists

Why Google Is Not Scared Of Samsung Forking Android – Business Insider – ouch

The Paradox of Quality: Why Better Technology Fails — mobileYouth® – sad but true. But then consumers have always flocked towards crap, Amstrad being a case in point

Young affluents provide the best growth potential: study – Luxury Daily – Research

Asus is reportedly under pressure from Google and Microsoft to shelve its dual-OS PCs – The Next Web – I am reminded of the end passage in Orwell’s Animal Farm: “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Bordeaux gets Chinese hangover | Business Spectator – and it could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the social media campaign done to reposition the wine in China, big shout out to my girl Emma – who did amazing work on community management and content for CIVB

Jing Daily: BMW joins foreign luxury brands in teaching China’s wealthy how to part with their cash

Facebook Engineering Team Takes A Look Back At The Work Behind A Look Back – AllFacebook – this is insane

The Chinese government just hit the brakes on finance-minded internet firms and their “virtual credit cards” – Quartz

Yoshida in China: Why ‘WeChat’ | EE Times – Yoshida gets a few things wrong in this article BUT is is interesting that she bothers to cover it all

10 tips for young Wall Street – CNBC – great advice whatever industry you are in

Meat Market Malaise: Continuing Decline in Fresh Meat Consumption – Euromonitor International – I suspect that its down to economic issues as much as health reasons

Pew Study: Many Technophiles Also Love Libraries : The Two-Way : NPR

How people really read and share online | Flowing Data

First Porn, Now Extremism: The UK Looks to Expand Web Censorship | Motherboard

McDonald’s Accused of Stealing Wages From Already Underpaid Workers | Mother Jones

Hong Kong viewers turn to Xiaomi boxes, online alternative to local TV | South China Morning Post – Alris Technology, the authorised seller of the box in Hong Kong, is getting through 10,000 of the HK$599 boxes per month (paywall)

NCR sees retail banking upgrades, new services driving ATM growth in Hong Kong | South China Morning Post – banks start to deploy advanced video-enabled systems and upgrade the operating system on their ATM networks (paywall)

Apple, IBM stash more profits overseas to avoid US taxes | South China Morning Post – The largest US-based companies added US$206 billion to their stockpiles of offshore profits last year, parking earnings in low-tax countries until Congress gives them a reason not to (paywall)

JetBlue Sells LiveTv to French Aerospace Company Thales – Businessweek

Six charts that show why China is competing with the multinationals it used to work for – Quartz

Europe’s latest bank stress test is working, and it hasn’t even started yet – Quartz – as the sub-head on this article said ‘smell the fear

Michael Geist – If U.S. Cloud Computing Isn’t Good Enough for the Canadian Government, Why Should It Be for You?

700m smartphones & tablets in China — Benedict Evans

Jing Daily: China’s massive role in Asia’s e-commerce market

Chinese customers flocking to Tokyo’s used brand good shops – The Asahi Shimbun

Nu Skin Faces Troubles in China – Financial – Beauty –“Investors are waiting for more details on the size and scope of Nu Skin’s troubles in China. During an earnings call on March 3, Nu Skin president and chief executive officer Truman Hunt told Wall Street analysts, ‘We elected to voluntarily suspend business promotional meetings as well as the engagement of new salespeople in China to cooperate with relevant authorities and demonstrate our commitment to our policies.’” (Paywall)

Jing Daily: From necessities to niceties: a look at China’s fast and furious museum boom

MediaTek unleashes challenge to NFC – Rethink Wireless

Deal with acquisition anger through dialogue – Campaign Asia – as Asian companies buy into western brands (paywall)

DATA POINTS: Chinese put family first – Campaign Asia – emphasis on work life balance and anxiety over food safety pollution and health (paywall)

Tencent M&A in overdrive with reported handset bid | South China Morning Post – is Tencent really buying a cellphone maker? (Paywall)

Seoul Opens K-Pop’s ‘Abbey Road’ – WSJ

ZTE Joins Gaming Crowd With Console Plan | Young’s China Business Blog

Shanghai Girl Broadcasts Suicide on Instagram, Reactions – chinaSMACK

Weibo: Baidu, Xiaomi, TCL Leaders On Display At NPC | Young’s China Business Blog – interesting given that these are dynamic and atypical culture businesses in China

China Data Show Economy Cooling – Bloomberg – lowest retail growth since 2004

Windows Phone Developers in a Tiff Over Lack Of Advertising | Programmable Web – revenue down by 97% and fill rate on ads for applications 2-10%

Nowness’ ‘Shoppable Video’ Holds Solid Potential For China Luxury MarketingA screenshot from Nowness’ new shoppable video. (Nowness) A chic new shoppable video by LVMH’s luxury editorial site Nowness may be a sign of what’s to come for the future of global high-end e-commerce—and that definitely includes China.

At last, a break for Bill Ackman on his Herbalife bet | Quartz – multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme?

Apple Is Finally Figuring Out How It’s Going To Sell iPhones In The Second Biggest Mobile Market In The World (AAPL)Apple plans to go local with a vengeance, setting up small, neighbourhood shops in big cities and tier II markets, in a bid to get closer to potential buyers as it pushes ahead with an India

Samsung’s Most Famous Spokesperson LeBron James Just Tweeted That His Phone Had A Total Meltdown | BusinessInsiderOops! Samsung spokesperson LeBron James just tweeted out that his phone had a total meltdown and erased everything that was on it.  “One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life!!!” said LeBron.  Just a few minutes after sending the tweet, James realized he’d make a mistake.

SWIFT boss calls for international standardisation of cyber security requirementsBusinesses should not have to comply with a complex set of differing rules on cyber security, the chief executive of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has said.

Volvo’s PR Flub In China Shows Why Social Media Managers Matter By International Business Times

Gawker’s Nick Denton Says BuzzFeed is ‘Pointless’ | Advertising Age – interesting use by Gawker of their comment system as a brand vehicle that they can monetise

VICE News: ‘We don’t treat the internet like a low-rent version of other media’ | The Media Briefing

Web firms face a strict new set of privacy rules in Europe —GigaOm

TelecomTV | News | Open source for the optical domain

TelecomTV | China handset vendors to control half the global market next year

MediaPost Publications TV Viewers Heed Social-Media Buzz, Not Apps 03/12/2014 – not good news for TVTag et al

Advertisers Blend Digital and TV for Well-Rounded Campaigns – eMarketer

MediaPost Publications New IAB Glossary Limits ‘View,’ Defines ‘Skip’ (As In Ads)

Twitter Tests a ‘Click-to-Call’ Button for Ads – WSJ – integration of voice which had been done for a while on other platforms, opens up online advertising to offline businesses

Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem – – culture is a barrier to ‘hard innovation’

The Flight of the Birdman: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out | Rolling Stone

UK Govt invests £73m in ‘Internet of Things’ research – Digital Intelligence – China has considered this a priority for years

New fund exemplifies London’s reliance on banking and dodgy foreign cash | South China Morning Post – The investment vehicle from asset manager London Central Portfolio, which will commit £100 million (HK$1.29 billion) to prime residential property, amounts to a bet that London retains official policies that make it the corrupt rentier’s bolt-hole of choice (paywall)

What you’ll find in a Chinese pawnshop: a BMW and a Beijing penthouse – Quartz – props up small business banking and you thought NatWest and RBS were bad…

Eight great examples of mobile marketing from Southeast Asia | Econsultancy

U.S. China trade deficit: It’s not what you think it is. | Slate – Andy Kessler made a similar argument a number of years ago

Where Millennials Stand on Social Issues | Marketing Charts

Big promises but little reform in increasingly violent China | Little Red Blog – little reform yet, give them a chance

HKTV postpones mobile TV launch as proposal falls foul of broadcasting watchdog | SCMP – so the mobile TV channel didn’t manage to run an end game around the regulators?

China’s biggest homegrown gadget is a hit—but not at home | Quartz – Chinese people prefer real cigarettes to e-cigarettes

The Changing Face of Global Manufacturing – Euromonitor International

High School Has No Dances Because Students Stay Home And Text – Business Insider

Fictional Characters on Social Media | Social Media Today – it depends but I would be inclined to think that most brands shouldn’t

Luxola raises $10 million to doll up women (and men) in Southeast Asia | Techinasia

Quit the whining: More gentrification is good for London’s startup district – Quartz – errr no it isn’t

点名时间 – 中国最大众筹平台! 支持创新的力量 | Demohour – Kickstarter or Indiegogo but with Chinese sensibilities.

Demohour focuses on innovative household gadgets and designer goods. Some of the new products promoted on the site have been a Bluetooth sound box made from bamboo, an anti-pollution air control system for cars, and an “intelligent wallet” that operates like a global positioning system, telling the user his or her location.Although Demohour was inspired by US crowd funding website, Chang said there were huge differences between the US and Chinese markets.

Compared with the US, he said, the mainland has a weaker culture of donations, which is the basis of the crowd funding concept. Angel investors may also provide us with enough funds. But what we can get from a crowd funding platform is more than money

Demographics will shape Asia’s future | Trends in Living Networks

Digital marketing strategy and planning Word template – Use the RACE Planning System to get ahead in your digital marketing

Biometric Privacy Trade-off Exposed in Missing Malaysian Jet’s Passports – Businessweek

Yahoo Exec in Charge of Lucrative Japan Asset Departing Company Amid APAC Woes | Re/code – the Microsoft search deal is sinking the Yahoo! APAC business because the Microsoft advertising offering is so poor compared to what it replaced

Unilever buys share in Chinese firm | RTHK – it makes sense to secure a reliable supply of water for its products

SXSW14: 3D printed Oreos and WeChat vending machines signal Mondelez’s digital future – Brand Republic News – WeChat enabled vending machine

Google, Samsung gripe to China over MS-Nokia | Telecom Asia

Experian Lapse Allowed ID Theft Service Access to 200 Million Consumer Records — Krebs on Security

Key Findings in Apparel and Footwear for 2014 – Euromonitor International

EU Settlement Nearly Done, Google Antitrust Drama Shifts To India | SearchEngineLand

‘Made in China’ signals quality: – apparently ranks ahead of Korea now. You have to wonder about FutureBrand’s survey design

WeChat Hit 100 Million Downloads in Google Play — China Internet Watch – international usage starting to really take off

Jing Daily: Global retailers still see China as prime locale to open new doors

The State of LTE February 2014 – OpenSignal

Part 1: How the internet has woven itself into American life | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

UPDATE: North American Android Web Traffic Distribution: Samsung Share Surpasses 55% | Chitika Online Advertising Network

Google exec: We’ve sold millions of Chromecast adapters — GigaOm

Google Play: Whats the newest threat on the official Android market? | Avast Blog

Google Street View Uses an Insane Neural Network To ID House Numbers | Gizmodo

Android Personalization Apps: The Battle for App, Content and Service Discovery – interesting as it subverts Google’s efforts on Android experience and the layers put on by HTC, Huawei and Samsung – opportunity for tier two Chinese manufacturers?

WeChat opens payments to businesses and retailers in China | Techinasia

Samsung dials up its software design with Milk Music | Tech blog – commoditisation of music, much a la Nokia’s Comes With Music from a number of years ago

Disney Bets $1 Billion on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors – Businessweek – why so much?

Goldman Sachs joins scramble for African mobile telecoms – – it makes sense given financiers involvement in submarine fibre optic cables, extending into infrastructure is the next logical step

Get real, IDC — PC sales will plummet in 2014 | Computer hardware – InfoWorld

Sony and Panasonic working on a replacement for Blu-ray | T3

Microsoft’s Nadella Manages Legacy of Ballmer-Board Split – BloombergBusinessweek – I found this fascinating, from a business point-of-view I get why Microsoft wouldn’t want to buy a hardware firm. The company already does the reference design for the Windows Phone, so it wouldn’t be that hard to extend into designing and selling the full device compared to the amount they spent on Nokia. The challenge would be the channel, building a brand, carrier relationships and the fear of spectacular failure a la the Microsoft Kin. Microsoft’s purchase and cock-up of Danger – the people responsible for the Sidekick could be taken as a warning in both directions

Yakuza in decline or becoming invisible? | Daily Beast – interesting piece by Jake Adelstein, my money would be on becoming less visible

WeChat 101- Quit Comparing WeChat and WhatsApp | Pixelbits – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and Snapchat are not like WeChat, LINE and KakaoTalk – my favourite line in Mona’s post: WeChat are not fucking around

Can LTE save mobile TV? | TelecomAsiaI doubt it as the problem isn’t technology but poor network infrastructure

Marvell launches a hardware platform for web developers | GigaOm Marvell is joining the rush of chip firms with their own hardware platform aimed at helping developers with its Kinoma products. platform. The Kinoma products include a set of tools, a Javascript runtime that is designed for the needs of connected devices

Volkswagen: Big Data Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Brother | Re/code

Real crisis in economy could be yet to come, warns Morgan Kelly | The Irish TimesIf there is an effort to clean the Irish banks of bad loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, “we could be facing something really, really terrible, quite soon.” – (Paywall)

où est le supermarché chanel? | i-D Magazine – Karl Lagerfeld uses Chanel show to satire consumerism