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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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These are the five things that made my day this week.

Convenience store / supermarket FamilyMart made this film with children managing the store in Taiwan. It is just too cute

Hollywood is finally getting around to resurrecting Peanuts as a beautifully made CGI film. The trailer looks really impressive

FLASK Ice Cream in Busan, South Korea has been getting a lot of coverage from trend blogs and looks amazing. It’s basically ice cream made on demand for a customer, in the same way that a barista makes your coffee individually. This involves liquid nitrogen which probably explains the whole laboratory theme of the restaurant. If you want to visit Flask here is the address: 부산 중구 창선1가 19-3 Busan

Technical wear designers ACRONYM® put together a look book film of their spring and summer collection that they called Acronymjutsu

The Maze Runner is based on a series of young adult books like the Hunger Games and presents an interesting scenario, think The Hunger Games vs. The Cell and throw in a bit of Lord of The Flies. It looks like the film will be impressive