Links of the day | 在网上找到

Jing Daily: Are TV Ads Still Relevant In China? – interesting discussion on where TV fits into Chinese content marketing

Mobile money revolution spreads to Europe as Vodafone brings M-Pesa to Romania — GigaOM

HTC One (M8) benchmark tests cheating explained | BGR – pulling a Samsung apparently, it won’t end well

TelecomTV | Stormclouds gather around US cloud computing suppliers after Snowden revelations.

Interview: Huawei Official Sees ‘Watershed’ Moment for Worldwide Cyber-Security Rules | Asia Society – not sure this is of much help

China’s high-speed rail is so popular, it’s hurting the domestic airline industry – Quartz

Notes on TV — Benedict Evans – interesting analysis of US versus EU markets

Sony Blazes Paperless Trail with Innovative New Digital Paper | Sony – odd, beautifully engineered and ridiculously expensive

Qualcomm to Get Boost as China Mobile Pushes Fast, Global Phones – Bloomberg

Swiss watchmakers say they have no time for tech groups’ advances – – Swiss watch companies have a plethora of intellectual property to deploy against smart watch vendors (paywall)

How Virtual Reality is Hard and Where It Might Be Going | Valve Software – (PDF)

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra: True world phones in 2 years, Android all the way – CNET

How the NSA Can Use Metadata to Predict Your Personality – Defense One

Huawei vows its “crawling” tortoise will triumph over the Elon Musks of tech – Quartz – errrr no I don’t think that their handsets will win out whilst they are aiming at the premium end of the market they need to fight it out in the bottom end versus MicroMax etc

Censors take aim at US shows on Chinese streaming websites| – this is because Tudou and Youku have been too effective a competition for state television and is bad news for US media companies

Tesla Motors is overrated: Goldman Sachs|

‘Nubia’, not iPhone, is Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan’s latest choice of smart phone | South China Morning Post – it is more of a kick in the nuts to Huawei in particular which would think of itself as a premium handset manufacturer and national champion (Oppo and Xiaomi are more domestically focused at the moment). Interesting that Chinese netizens are viewing this almost like a Xi dynasty royal warrant (paywall)

Domestic service robots: Seal of approval | The Economist – Producing something reliable and likeable that can be sold in large numbers and does not get its makers sued may prove a lot more difficult than simply developing the required robotic skills (paywall)

Cloud Denialism Precedes Aereo Case | DisCo (Disruptive Competition)

Welcome mat out overseas for Japanese engineers ‹ Japan Today – the irony is that 30 years ago Japan would have been accused of similar things. It does reinforce Japan’s decline in industrial products. What I find most concerning is that there isn’t a similar Japan attitude to quality in the major Chinese companies that I have seen

As advertisers phase out cookies, what’s the alternative? — GigaOM

Are Chinese celebrities stoking resentment against Malaysia over MH370 disaster? | South China Morning Post – Mainland travel agencies have reported a sharp drop – some as much as 50 per cent – in the number of Chinese visitors to Malaysia compared to the same period last year (paywall)

The Science of Emotion in Marketing: How We Decide What to Share and Whom to Trust | Buffer blog