Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Ok so this is actually a day late, but here are the things that have made my day this week.

I love this spot for Thai life insurance that has been doing the rounds on Facebook for a week or so

Oreo partnering with a gourmet food truck operator to come up with new creative ways of using Oreos and trying to engage audiences on the Oreo Tumblr account

A custom-made arcade ride and Oculus Rift glasses provide this awesome hacked together Tron lightcycle gaming experience. The game itself came from from Overflow Interactive

Starck Design came up with functioning libary designed around flight cases for troubled regions that I think would be awesome as office furniture or as a home work space.

Finally the new Liverpool kit launch had pre-occupied the office this week and was a multi-channel effort with experiential, PR and online channels all being used to build an event that reverberated around the world