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Digital Intelligence :: What clients want from their agencies: Mobile marketing ‘changing ad relationships’ – really interesting piece of research

Lidl beats Tesco to 10m Facebook fans | BrandRepublic – oh the shame! Seriously Facebook is probably more relevant for Lidl customers

Why Apple has stopped growing | Quartz – interesting analysis, the last thing I need is a larger iPad or phone though

Does Google Glass Have An Optics Problem? And Does Google Care? | Forbes – dog by any other name is still a dog

The state of the internet is under attack (but it’s also faster) | GigaOM – interesting Akamai data

Louis Vuitton changes the celebrity spokesperson calculation | – because nothing says affluent luxury like a bunch of old guys in conservatively tailored suits and safe style choices. Especially when YUMMY’s are the new luxury marketing demographic to go after

Read the Obamas’ tribute to Frankie Knuckles | Dazed – great vintage Warehouse set embedded in this post.

Hermès encourages app sharing with two-screen content | Luxury Daily

15 ways for companies to increase customer lifetime value | eConsultancy – good marketing data points

Add ultracapacitors to the list of devices that could benefit from grapheme | GigaOM

Analitika to turn Philippines as analytics hub by 2015 | Marketing Interactive – this makes more sense than you would think. The Philippines enjoys and English speaking, well educated workforce with technical skills and a closer familiarity with American and Latin cultures. It has great core network links, being a focus for a number of trans-Pacific cables (unlike India) and is cost effective

Nike Fuelband: Simple math, cultural imperative, might’ve killed it – interesting take on Nike’s recent movements with its Fuelband team, of course we won’t know the true score until Nike makes their next moves or telegraphs them through supply chain leaks or tame executive leaks (a la a certain Chinese telecoms company)

AppleSeed– Apple’s new public beta programme

Personal and Professional Productivity: The Next Frontier for Mobile Apps | Flurry

Emperor of the Glassholes Finally Feels Shame | ValleyWag – the cool has completely gone if Scoble won’t even wear his in public

China Mobile’s profit falls as competition bites | TotalTelecom – including the likes of WeChat

Samsung Galaxy sofware features not good enough for users, study says | BGR

Calvin Klein asks users to flash their underwear online | Marketing Interactive – this could go so wrong

The Wearable Wheel | – interesting but a bastard to read

Lightweight 3D Printed Breathable Cast with Ultrasound Therapy – I so wish I had this when I broke my arm

The eurozone’s creeping danger | HSBC Global

Bad news for Samsung: 85% of people in Philippines willing to buy homegrown smartphone brands | Techinasia – good news for prospective tier 2 manufacturers in Shenzhen who would be doing the badge engineering work on to reference design for Filipino brands

Users Actually Seem To Like Facebook’s Auto-Play Videos | FastCompany – not that convinced

WeChat surges past Weibo as China’s top social sharing platform. | Resonance China – not terribly surprising Weibo is so last year

Squeeze on international-school locals | SCMP – I don’t understand why schools are so expensive in the first place, and if I had a kid starting them off in school I would want to put them into the local school system to learn Cantonese and Mandarin (paywall)

This Bank Ad Hilariously Mocks Google Glass | – Google Glass is now the comedy equivalent of the Mother-in-Law

One in 10 Brits admits to lying pretty much all the time | Quartz – great PR story. How else do you build an empire over a third of the world by guile?

How Bad is China’s Moral Crisis? | New Republic – not convinced given that western society tends to view things in black and white and traditional Chinese morals tend to be more nuanced and contextual

In America, Spending Cuts Are Driven by the Rich | Mother Jones – no real surprise, given that research showed that they thought taxes were fair and the rich thought that they were excessive

Here’s why Apple will bring iTV to China first | Quartz – really? – not so sure. Media is a strategic industry and online video is coming under increasing regulation as the Chinese government tries to ensure the continued relevance of state-run channels

How Luxury Can Move Ahead In China’s Tricky E-Commerce Market | Jing Daily

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player – FMP-X10 Review – Sony US – I wonder about the kind of broadband and infrastructure required to support a 4K Apple TV style device

High-Efficiency Hiking: What the Heck Is Ultralight? – Core77

Why more governments should offer their citizens a one-in-a-million chance to win | Quartz – China does a similar thing with restaurant receipts, though some restaurants will offer you a free drink or dessert to get out of giving it

Jing Daily: 9 key ways Chinese consumer habits are rapidly changing right before our eyes

#OwnTheMoment – handy forward events calendar

The downsizing of brand building | Guardian Professional – PRs should read this article and burn its words into their hearts

Fear and loathing at the cinema: new films reflect modern tensions in Hong Kong | South China Morning Post – (paywall)

What is Baidu & How to Advertise on Baidu | Reload Digital

I heart cherry blossoms, the rise of Japan’s petit nationalism | The Japan Times

Direct selling companies see phenomenal growth in China | WantChinaTimes – Nu Skin apparently grew 10-fold in a year, it also looks like a potential car crash

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens – Gilens & Page – (PDF file)

Thousands of Chinese spent their “best years” making Nike shoes and now have no pensions | Quartz