Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week

Interesting Thoughtful China talking about mobile marketing and likely implications of marketing on wearables.

McDonald’s GOL! trick shot video to tie in with the FIFA World Cup is my favourite video, out of all those done by sponsors and major vendors.

Mary Meeker’s presentation was the most shared of the week, some interesting easy to pinch slide ware but not so sure about the conclusions and some of the directions that Meeker and Co. were driving in. More on this at another time. I have a larger post that is taking a lot of time to write.

Rainforest by Gun Architects outside the Bedford Square premises of the Architectural Academy.
Outdoor art by London Architectural Academy on Bedford Square
Honda brought an Oculus Rift to MCM ComicCon to give geeks a virtual ride through Neo Tokyo.
MCM ComicCon London

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Schneier on Security: TrueCrypt WTF – fascinating commentary discussion on TrueCrypt

Am I Crazy For Wanting A 4-Inch iPhone 6? | BusinessInsider – good points in terms of usability. It does beg the question do consumers actually want a phone anymore? I suspect some of them do, but handset manufacturers tend to disagree if one where to believe the big screen trend

It’s alive! What NPR learned from turning its @nprnews account from a bot to a human | Nieman Journalism Lab – interesting experiment in bot versus human curation on a Twitter feed

Influicity Launches YouTube Influencer Marketplace – the phrase influencer marketplace made me feel uneasy

Digital Intelligence :: Marriott offers loyalty points for social shares – loyalty points for advocacy

Watchmen writer Alan Moore unveils comic book app and open-source toolkit Electricomics – really interesting media experiment by Alan Moore

Jet setting as a Brand in China | L2 ThinkTank – interesting consumption pattern

Comptoir des Cotonniers’ 20-Second Shopping | L2ThinkTank – really nice pop-up execution

Amazon Deserves All of Its Bad PR | Valleywag – any article that starts with the Lovecraftian sobriquet ‘ the Cthulhu of retail’ has to be read

The History of the Modern Graphics Processor – TechSpot – interesting story, particularly how cyclical the market was

Electro-Optic Camera: The first DSLR – really interesting history

Comcast promised poor Americans cheap internet, but most of them didn’t get it | Quartz – the money quote for me “The Internet today is like electricity. If you don’t have it, you’re screwed.”

Kakao-Daum – The Next Big Thing From Korea? BeTech – some of the best analysis I have seen about the Daum Kakao merger

BAD CLOUD | Will McInnes – am sure we can all relate to Will’s experience

Everything Is Broken — The Message — Medium – interesting essay on computer security

New video shows you everything cool about the LG G3 in only 2 minutes – they had me at lasers

BlueFocus: China is changing not slowing | Marketing Interactive – investing in big data, mobile, video makes sense. I thought e-commerce was an interesting area to choose, especially given China’s unique landscape

Dutch Lady reaches out to employees to push its brand | Marketing Interactive – interesting smart FMCG strategy

Watch Skype translate a video conversation in real time | Quartz – you know that time when you first saw the internet and it was a thing of wonder, rather than where you go to work? That’s how I felt when I saw this, mixed up with feeling dirty realising that Skype is actually Microsoft

Real Estate Tycoon Sees Titanic Moment for China’s Housing Market – China Real Time Report – WSJ – he made these comments in what he believed was a Chatham House style setting

China to clean up instant messaging services – – rumour spreading and fraud

Guangdong to loosen hukou household registration system for millions of migrants | South China Morning Post – presumably to help stem some of the migration of factories inland. Good to see these people getting some government respect though (paywall)

Omnicom Strikes $230 Million Two-Year Mobile Deal With Twitter | Ad Age – this is all about access to information

B-52 receives first tech upgrade since 1961: Now with color screens and wireless networking – this is a credit to the engineers that designed and manufactured to the B-52, there was something dieselpunkish about mixed analogue and digital controls that appeals to me though

If you encounter a natural disaster in Japan, you can connect to wifi using SSID “00000JAPAN” – way ahead of emergency planning elsewhere Has been Added onto WeChat as the Shopping Channel | Technode – Tencent is the largest shareholder of JD so this makes sense. Mirrors what Alibaba did with Weibo

Great primer on Chinese social media platforms

Imagination has put together a great presentation which is an ideal primer on the Chinese online environment.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Honda’s Super Cub now protected under 3D trademark registration | AkihabaraNews – allows trademarks of iconic shapes

U.K. police try (and fail) to shut down largest torrent search engine on the Web | VentureBeat – interesting editorial by VentureBeat, I would have expected this more from the likes of Cory Doctorow or Laurence Lessig than a business publication

Australian Apple iDevices hijacked, held to ransom | The Age – using passwords from recent data breaches. Interesting Australian focus

No Time to Text? Say It With Stickers – – LINE doing well in LatAm and Asia

Playing the sales game: Do game releases actually increase console sales? | ExtremeTech – working with small data sets but interesting

Kakao And Daum To Merge, Creating One Of South Korea’s Largest Internet Companies | TechCrunch – this is a really big deal in South Korea. Daum is big in areas such as mobile search and social networks, KakaoTalk has gained ubiquity amongst Korean phone users and made a profitable business from games and stickers. I wonder what Tencent’s share will be in the combined company?

China clamps down on US consulting groups | FT – as the likes of McKinsey maybe passing on commercial secrets to the US government

U.S. Companies Hacked by Chinese Didn’t Tell Investors – Bloomberg – which is pretty shocking. They would have at least been at a disadvantage trading with Chinese state-owned companies and the disclosures may have impacted goodwill as partners would be concerned about what information was disclosed. I would have thought all of this would have been meaningful to the share price?

Chinese brands in world of their own | South China Morning Post – amazing to see the rise of Tencent

Carnival’s CEO Explains the Cruise Industry’s Biggest Problem | BusinessWeek – interesting consumer perception conundrum

Jolla’s Small-Scale Approach to Tackling Android | CCInsight – interesting analysis of Jolla. Will Sailfish really be able to go up against Cyanogen etc?

Microsoft’s golden era in China coming to an end | WantChinaTimes – Microsoft will not only lose government purchase orders, but will also lose the central enterprise purchases and OEM market–the three major revenue sources for Microsoft in China – according to a Chinese newspaper, if true then this clobbers Microsoft in China

Tokyo Girls Collection in Fukushima’ brings big smiles to battered Tohoku | Asahi Shimbun – an interesting move given the mix of real-world event and m-commerce that TGC is. Nice to see that they will have made money and done good

Can the Nervous System Be Hacked? – – Johnny Mnemonic anyone?

Retro phones: the new vinyl or film photography?

The South China Morning Post wrote an article about what it perceived as a rise in retro or feature phone usage. The article cited Lëkki as an example of such handsets becoming trendy, rather like retro re-issues of Nike Air Jordans or the adidas Originals range.
In reality:

  • This isn’t a new trend, UK site, Retro Fones have been going since the mid-noughties, and Lëkki has been around since 2009 and 2010 respectively. There are have been eBay stores going even longer specialising in supporting Nokia’s 6310i for well over a decade – since it worked so well for business travellers
  • It isn’t as big as the article would make one believe, this is a small craft business at best, it would make vinyl records and print photography look like major corporate concerns in comparison
  • It does highlight a number of weak points in smartphones. The designs don’t cater for self-expression, they don’t provide a ‘switch-off’ button from their electronic lives, they aren’t perceived as being robust, their battery lives are poor, they aren’t a convenient size for everyone and their call quality leaves much to be desired
  • Network technology is changing which will ‘brick’ these old cellphones once and for all. A move away from 2G networks to give spectrum to 3 and 4G technologies in developed markets effectively kills off these phones

Probably one of the best options to get the benefits of a feature phone is Nokia’s 515, which looks like a traditional candy bar phone and supports 3.5G networks. Supplies are apparently thinning out, but you can still get one new for around 100-115GBP on eBay.

More information
Dig out that Nokia 3310: What’s old is new again as vintage mobile phones take off | South China Morning Post (paywall)
Retro Fones