The top posts for the first half of 2014

Here is a brief delve back over the past six months to see what were the most read posts on this blog:

  1. The WhatsApp | Facebook post (part I) – I hammered this post out in a Starbucks on the edge of the A41 as I took in all the news about Facebook acquiring Whatsapp. Even my Mum talked about after she heard it on the Irish radio news that morning.
  2. Jargon watch: app constellation – I was inspired by Fred Wilson’s post on developments in mobile applications companies, but the abiding memory I have of this was the painful process of research that I undertook to surface many of the major constellations and the having to hand-code in HTML every single table. Which is the reason that this list is crudely thrown together in comparison.
  3. My digital tool box – was partly inspired by work colleagues asking what I used for different things. It is a snapshot as services appear, evolve or disappear with rapid change.
  4. Garnier’s PS Cream campaign – a video case study that took Chinese girls love of the perfect selfie and used it to market a BB cream type beauty product.
  5. I love Cathay Pacific – I wrote about my experience flying back to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific in January an contrasted that with the service that I had received on British Airways. I re-read the piece for this list and found it interesting to contrast my experience with BA’s perception of itself as portrayed in A Very British Airline.
  6. When your PR team is bad for your brand – was about the way 24-hour news agenda had triggered a muscular PR reaction that did more harm than good to brands whose reputation they tried to manage. I am looking at you Microsoft…
  7. Observations from the UK: The rise of the e-cigarette – my trip back in December to the UK and some time in Shenzhen to reflect on my observations meant that I came up with a series of posts about the apparently mundane changes I noticed in the UK having been over a year away.
  8. Living in a mobile laboratory – the time in Shenzhen enjoying a dry pleasantly warm winter allowed me to reflect on the enormous privilege of using a mobile network the way technology companies promise they will be in Hong Kong. In comparison my mobile experience in the UK, US and Ireland have been enormously disappointing.
  9. Observations from Shenzhen, China – my time in Shenzhen contrasted to previous visits as the city adjusts to a more sustainable rate of growth. I also noticed the transformation that TaoBao and Weixin had made in consumer habits.
  10. My Blogging Process – 2014 edition – This was a snapshot in time, rather similar in construction to the digital tool box post.