Links of the day | 在网上找到

CITIZEN EVIDENCE LAB | Turning Citizen Media Into Citizen Evidence: Authentication Techniques For Human Rights Researchers – interesting experience in media literacy and tips on spotting fake content that goes beyond Amnesty’s worthy if narrow purpose

Juicy Couture Seeks Greener Pastures In Asia | Jing Daily – shuttering US stores and opening up mainland ones. Are Chinese tourists not buying mid-market luxury in the US?

Bits Blog: Intel, Qualcomm and Others Compete for ‘Internet of Things’ Standard | New York Times – the problem will be Qualcomm’s take on intellectual property would be incompatible with the price point of ‘internet of things’ things

Ben Thompson: ‘Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline’ | Stratechery – whilst there is an obvious analogue with the PC which benefited only Microsoft and Intel respectively, Samsung’s scale puts it in a slightly different place

VIA’s new Isaiah x86/ARM hybrid CPU outperforms Intel in benchmarks – but will it ever come to market? | ExtremeTech – it reminds me of the hype around Transmeta back in the day

Samsung Finds It Costly to Keep Up with China – Businessweek – Chinese firms treading on their turf

Resonance | The four archetypes of Chinese shoppers. – Checkout China research

Disney Picks 11 Tech and Media Firms for Startup-Accelerator Program | Variety – following other consumer brands like Unilever, Mondelez and PepsiCo

MediaPost Publications Marketers Still Not Sold On Native Advertising 07/08/2014 – measurement and effectiveness

Chow Tai Fook builds loyalty through electronic stamps | Marketing Interactive – kind of, but not Tesco Clubcard for jewellery

Can Social Media Spending Fit Into a Simple ROI Formula? | SearchEngineJournal – looking at this data social web marketing isn’t working that well anymore

How Working on Multiple Screens Can Actually Help You Focus | WIRED – contextual usage

360 Search Gaining Over 28% Market Share | ChinaInternetWatch – interesting that 360 is putting up a credible challenge to Baidu

BBC Academy – Journalism – great set of resources from the BBC

Why the abysmal Transformers sequel is about to become China’s top grossing film of all time – Quartz – basically relevance

Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas – looks like the tech industry’s dirty little secret could come home to roost

Huawei D3 could be the world’s first flagship clone! | – interesting assertion, particularly as Huawei is positioning itself as innovative. Also interesting that it was copying HTC

Metcalfe’s Law is Wrong – IEEE Spectrum – interesting essay